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I'm so glad you're here.

Hi there! I’m Winnie and I’m filled with passion for helping folks navigate life's ups and downs. I work with adults struggling with anxiety and trauma, and how these concerns show up in our relationships. I love helping people feel empowered to reclaim their sense of safety and self-worth. I really nerd out on how our tricky brains work and the ways in which they respond to coping skills. If you feel like you need a space where you can let your guard down, speak your mind, and be unapologetically you, then we may be a great fit.

What’s it like to work with me? I am a therapist who has high empathy and a touch of rebellious spirit. I’ll swear with you, laugh with you, and sit with you in your pain. My therapy focuses on the brain and the body. I also believe in the power of understanding individuals within the context of their broader relationships and environments. My approach to therapy is deeply rooted in systems theory, which acknowledges that people are interconnected with their families, communities, and larger social structures. I value compassion, intersectional awareness, and fiercely believe in your inherent worth.


Affinity Counseling & Education Center is a LGBTQIA2S+ Affirming Practice and Queer owned. If you're seeking a safe space to explore your identity, process your experiences, and embrace your truth – whatever that may be – you've come to the right place. Therapy Services are provided to adults living in MN or ND. Telehealth and in office appointments are available.​  ​

ND LMFT #2015-049 MN LMFT #4025​ ​​​

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